LCD Projection Lens
Catadioptric Zoom Lens
3D Projection System
Retinal Beam Delivery
Head Mounted Displays
Head Mounted Displays

Hyperion has been involved in visual optical design for head mounted and head wearable mobile displays since their inception.  Our staff has designed numerous microdisplay magnifiers for use in consumer, military and industrial products.  Our designs have been used for cell phone displays, camera viewfinders, personal internet viewers, and night vision eyepieces.

We have many examples to share in the microdisplay viewer space.

Refractive Reflective and hybrid eyepiece design
Mobile displays (LCD, OLED, MEMS)
Aspheric lenses for head mounted microdisplays.
Diffractive optical eyepiece design
Free form prism design for personal displays
Off-axis Head Mounted Displays architecture studies
Design of nonrotational aspheric surfaces for HMD

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