Stray Light Analysis
Near IR CCD Lens
Dual FOV IR Imager
IR optical systems are unique and require a broad range of advanced analysis.  We are equipped to support our designs to insure project success.

Stray Light Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Active and Passive Athermalization
Narcissus Calculations
Cold Shield Efficiency
Radiometric Accuracy Calculations
Fiber Coupling Efficiency
Free Space Beam Propogation

Stray Light analysis is a key strength of Hyperion and amplifies our success rate for infrared systems. We perform detailed stray light analysis and can determine sources of noise that can compromise your system.

Our team has significant experience on advanced space optics analysis where the effects of earthshine, solar rejection filters and internal reflections must be determined before the launch.  There are few firms with the vertically integrated experience required for both IR design and stray light analysis.

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